Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Weekend

The weekend really started on Friday, a good friend from church came over on Friday to help me cook for Zach’s dedication as well as with the decorations. We got a lot done in the short 4 hours she was here as well as she offered to make the last 2 pies on Saturday for me! By the time I got everyone to bed and the bags all packed for Saturday, it was 10pm.
On Saturday, we left around 8:30 to head to Faith Alliance in Midway for the Bible Quizzing Invitational. Matt and I were the official score keepers for the 18 teams that were present. I was able to watch Haley quiz in the very first round, she even jumped and answered a question correctly!. At 11:30 Matt and Lily left in my van to return to our church for a birthday party for one of Lily’s friends. Lily had an awesome time, a clown came and made balloon animals for everyone as well as face painting. Lily chose a unicorn for one side of her face and then a butterfly was painted on the other side. Unfortunately, my van started acting up with Matt. We have discovered that the transmission is starting to slip. I am upset because the transmission has already been replaced in this van once. It is still drivable and we hope to try some inexpensive fixes later this week. Matt return to Faith and we got all the first 5 rounds tallied before we left to pick up Lily and drop off the little kids at my BFFs’. She watched the kids until we returned around 5 after finishing up the scoring, shopping for the salad ingredients and a quick dinner for the two of us. I wonder if we can consider that our monthly date? I was kinda of disappointed because the salad ingredients that we had to purchase were $28.08 after $4.40 in coupons. My BFF and I used pampered chef tools to prepare both the salads. We had planned on being at the church at around 6pm but really didn’t arrive until 7. Thankful we were able to decorate and assemble and made it home by 8:30pm. Lily was extremely tired and ended up crying all the way home. Saturday night was really rough, the kids had not been sleeping well since Wednesday so Matt and I decided to take shifts on Saturday night. He stayed up and dealt with the little kids until 1pm. I was up at 1:30 with Lily who had thrown up earlier and was “feeling sick” again. Then I was up at 3 and 4 with Zach. Finally at 5:45 I decided I should give up trying to sleep and start getting ready.
Sunday January 17th was Zach’s Dedication at church followed by a dinner for approximately 40 people in our fellowship hall. The menu was: seven layer salad, summer bean salad, Swedish meatballs, marinara meatballs, pineapple meatballs, crockpot lasagna, baked ziti, stuffed shells, spaghetti, garlic bread, chocolate crackers, peanut butter chocolate squares, cream cheese rolls and cream cheese pies. YUMMY! I was so glad all the food turned out wonderfully! Thankfully lots of our friends from church helped with the clean up! Amanda dropped Haley off at the Quiz Invitational where she called to tell me that they were in the championship round, because of a question she answered. I was able to come home get the little girls to bed and then drive out just in time to see the championship round. Haley and her team “Unfruitful Mind” won the entire tournament!
After reading this you probably realize why we have not really missed the Internet or phone this weekend!

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