Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Stay at Home Day

Yesterday, as I was stalking other blogs I was impressed with the idea of DITL (Day in the Life of).The original idea is to document in pictures several times this year a day. Well I just don't think I can remember to take a picture of everything we do in a day but I want to be able to look back 5 years from now and remember how busy I was and not wonder why I didn't accomplish more while I was not working on a regular basis. So instead I am going to write about our day. Yesterday was a Friday that we had no commitments outside the house.

The day started at 7:05 when I realized that the alarm didn't go off and everyone had slept late. Luckily for us Haley's school was delayed 2 hours so it was not a huge rush. The little girls had cereal at the picnic table in the office as they watched "Playhouse Disney." I cleaned up the kitchen, folded a load of clothes, got lunch for Haley together and checked email and blogs. Zach had a MAJOR explosion that required a bath as well. By 9:30 Matt and Haley were out the door. Lily, Kendall and I did our "home preschool." Kendall listens to calender then colors on paper. Lily actually is working on writing her numbers, reviewing the uppercase alphabet, and other preschool things. Lily works about an hour on several different things. After preschool Zach is hungry and so are the girls. For lunch yesterday, Lily and Kendall had a grilled cheese sandwich. Naps are a must with everyone down and asleep by 12:30 when Zach woke up. I started working on dinner around 2 and between checking the computer and the kids it was ready at 4:30pm. Lily helped me make Mandarin upside down cakes for desert and I tried a new recipe for Autumn Chicken casserole. Haley finished Driver's Ed at 5 and had to be picked up. After dinner I spent about 45 minutes locked in the bathroom and on the time! Haley and Matt had play practice from 7:00 till 9pm. Kendall got in the bath with me at the end and was in bed at 6:30. Lily had a bubble bath and was in bed at 7:30. Zach got a bath after Matt got home and was in bed around 9:30. I started taking down the Snow village while watching "ALL MY Children." I got to bed around 10:30 with Zach waking at 2 to eat and again at 6am.

A normal day :)

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