Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogging Boldly

One of the reason that I felt I should start this blog was MckMama and her ongoing discussion about blogging boldly not just the happy easy stuff. You would think this would be easier for me as I only have a few people who will ever read this but that is not the case. I had intended to blog everyday and yesterday was the second day I missed. I had composed a blog post in my head Monday night but then it hit me; "I have a goal to blog everyday but not to spend time in Scriptures." Ouch, where are my priorities at, my blog before God. So I decided that until I figured out a realistic time for me to at least read and pray everyday I would not blog. I know myself and if I don't figure out where something fits in my routine it won't happen on a regular basis. So now I have decided that I will have my personal devotion time at night right before I go to bed. This worked last night and I am hoping to make it a habit. I am hoping to post another post(the one in my head) later today but who knows as we are heading to Walmart for pictures this morning!

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