Saturday, January 23, 2010

Socks are EVIL!

Yes, you read that right..Socks are EVIL! You should realize by now that I place a high value on sleep. Unfortunately my children don't feel the same. Lily has always woken up several times a night. We FINALLY got her out of our bed just prior to Zach's birth. She still sleeps in our floor 3+ nights a week. Kendall is by far my best sleeper most night she sleeps 12 hours however she has to be in her bed for this to happen and she has the cutest position, butt up in the air and ankles crossed. We discovered on our trip to Illinois that she also does not like her socks on when she sleeps. Unless she is in a one piece sleeper she takes her socks off before going to sleep. As of yesterday Zach has discovered that taking his socks off by pushing is fun as well. SOCKS ARE EVIL!

So last night I was exhausted. I was in bed by 9:30pm. I was woken by this small voice "MOMMY, the sock monster has taken my socks", repeated several times. "Lily go to sleep it will be ok." "NO mommy, I NEED my other socks." After several minutes of crying I get up to hand her another pair of socks. SOCKS are EVIL! I barely got back to bed and I hear Zach crying. I checked and it was 3am so he was hungry. Of course he also had managed to lose both of his socks. So after feeding him, I was forced to turn on the light to find the missing socks for his feet! SOCKS are EVIL! So after finally getting his socks back on I went back to bed. Kendall woke up at 6am this morning crying why? Because her feet were cold.. SOCKS are EVIL!

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