Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roll Like That

Zach is so proud of himself, he has learned to roll over. For the last 2 weeks, when laid on his back he would attempt to roll over to his stomach. He always get caught on his side. So I was expecting him to start making it all the way over fairly soon. This morning when I got him up he was on his back. He sleeps at night on his stomach so I knew he had rolled over but figured it was just an “accident”. Nope not with him, at church while I was taking Angel Food orders, I laid a blanket down so he could lay out and wiggle. I laid him on his stomach and over he went. So of course , I called his daddy and he did it twice more while I was on the phone. He still gets stuck going from back to stomach but lay him on his stomach and he is going to roll like that!

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