Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I saw this on a blog I read just for fun so I thought it would be a good way to update mine.

I will update my blog roll to include a list of the blogs I read/stalk just for fun!

Sunday, I was able to go to CVS alone and make a good trip. I spent 40.93 and saved $72.78. I did spend a little,okay $20 more than my original plan but I got alot of stuff!
I plan to hit CVS once more this week to grab some more of the canned drinks and get a couple of RX filled!
The Walgreens is opening soon, so next on my list is to try and learn how to work coupons with them. CVS was easy since I already was used to the store and getting ECB for prescriptions. Harris Teeter was a major learning experience, I am so thankful for Susan who went with me on my first trip. Now I am even going to get a second card to use on "Special" weeks!

I just ordered my second 100 free prints from Artscow.com. Shipping was $5.99 so that worked out to 0.06 a print, not bad. I am hoping to get at least several years of photos printed out using these methods so when we get the room finished and our finances all back in line I can spend some time each week on my scrapbooks.

My second purchase for the day was at the mail order pharmacy. They sent Matt a $10 off your first order yesterday so I used it to purchase vitamins for the little girls. So I spent 0.99 shipped :)

Lily and Haley both had doctor's appointments yesterday. Lilys' was a yearly check-up. She is still underweight but they just suggested we keep using vitamins and she will grow at her own speed. Haley had a medication recheck and the insurance forced us to use the mail order pharmacy so I am anxious to see how this all works out. One of her prescription had to be mailed and the other was faxed.

Finally Matt and I by default started the Atkins Diet last week. He has already lost about 8lbs and I have lost 3lbs but I will admit I have skipped more than he has :)

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