Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week in Review

Since I didn't get to post about several of the great deals I got last week and my one not so good shopping trip I am going to update today. I also have a post planned about ebay. Matt and I have decided to try and loss some weight. We are going to use the Atkins method at least this first week to see how things go. He will have an easier time than me but my thought is that I will do my best and not stress over it because when I stress, I eat! Now on to the deals...

On Thursday, the kids and I went to "Goodwill" we were able to find 3 dresses and a shirt for 17.50. We also went over to "Walmart" and purchased 3 pair of tights and both the older girls got tights but $27. and some change. So for $50 we got 3 complete new outfits.

Friday, my friend was helping figure out the decorations for the FLC and we decided that we needed 2 black and white 8x10s of Zach. I uploaded the picture and picked them up from CVS an hour later. I had 8 ECB so the cost of these pictures were $.23!

Saturday's grocery trip to pick up salad items was not a good. We needed to buy most of the ingredients for both the salads. Food Lion was the closest store but we ended up spending $28.00 on these ingredients.

Yesterday(Wednesday) we made a quick trip to Costco for some basics. I don't think we did too bad in comparison to our usual trip. We spent $136 compared to our usual $250. But with the extra food we have purchased this month our total grocery bill is almost $700 for the month.

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