Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Final 1/21/2010

I am starting to add somethings to the blog. Hopefully this weekend Matt will help me "pimp my blog". I added the list of the blogs I regularly (several times a day) check for great deals.

Yesterday, I had a chance to go out shopping ALONE! Haley watched the babies while I did this and also worked. I decided since I was over half way to Winston, then I would go to Harris Teeter. I spent at least an hour or more going over the sales that had been posted on other blogs as well as pulling out coupons I knew I needed for this trip. Harris Teeter will double up to 20 coupons of 0.99 or less a day. One tip is to always place your "store coupons" as well as "free" coupons last so that they don't get included in the 20. I was really happy with what I was able to purchase although I forgot to buy soup! I spent 32.23 and saved 86.05 or 73%!!!

Prior to going to work I stopped by Food Lion for diapers and brown sugar. I actually made a second trip into Food Lion because a $2.00 off coupon printed at the register and with Diapers already on sale I wanted to use it! I also went to CVS prior to going to work. I did EXCELLENT there, at this store I had 2 separate transactions and I had a third transaction at a CVS next to Harris Teeter. In total out of pocket at CVS was $26.00 saving $39.09 a 60% savings. In addition, I have 10 ECB for next week, a pespi rebate of 7.50 and 2 rain checks to use for the future!I am already making plans for a CVS trip on Sunday with lots of free stuff.

Although I have definitely gone over budget this month with groceries, I am on the right track and should at least come in under next month!

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