Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July in Review

Blogging: Actually on track for the month as this will be my 16th post of the month. I am currently running 2 series so maybe that is what is helping stay on task for the month. I am currently posting on both blogger and my very own web page. Hopefully in August I will move over to the site that Matt is designing! Goal: 15 per month

Devotions: Starting to hit my stride in this area. I have once again hit my goal! I know that is one of the reason that things seem to be going smoother. Goal is 3 a week.

Groceries: For the first time in several month grocery spending is down. We spent 508.72 on groceries this month which included school and party supplies! I am very excited to see this number. I did do an average for the year, currently my average is $809 a month. I am sure that by December with no diapers that I will be able to bring this down to the set budget.. Grocery Budget is set at $800 per month, this includes diapers, cleaning supplies, food and toiletries.

Financially:This month we maintained again.Some exciting things did happen, I will be going full time so that means an increase in pay as well as a decrease in medical expenses. Matt has not had time to focus on growing his business so with a combination of these two things in the next month. I am going to try and stay on track. Goal: To be Debt free except for mortgage by the end of the year. This was established prior to our learning of the significant financial changes that are occurring so I am trusting God to provide direction in this area. Currently we are focused on meeting budget each month!

Weight-I have been able to start exercising at the pool at least once weekly. So that is a huge plus. I have not been on a scale recently. I will at least get an idea of my weight for next month. Goal to exercise 3x a week and to be down to 150 by December by losing around 4 # a month.

This month I have met 3 of 5 goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best month to date~!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Renovation Update 7/30

  1. Haley's new room- Haley has moved across the hall to the largest bedroom with a half bath attached. a) Scrap popcorn ceiling- completed, b) repaint ceiling-completed c) Remove wallpaper boarder-completed d) repaint walls- e)Replace window- has been order. f)Complete floor in closet g) move window treatments.DONE!!!! Furniture needed: 2 new dresser for clothing.
  2. Lily and Kendall move into bigger room- a) Scrap popcorn ceiling, b) repaint ceiling c) Remove wallpaper boarder d) repair walls and door e) Paint walls f) Purchase and hang new window treatments. g) Matt is planning to make a new twin bed frame for Lily to use. h) change light fixture for new fan already purchased. Furniture needed: New closet divider, bins.
  3. Zach gets his own room and closet- a) Scrap popcorn ceiling, b) repaint ceiling c) adapt currently color (yellow) to boys room probably pin-stripping and maybe stickers. Furniture needed: NONE
  4. Matt's office- Matt will need furniture only for this including -desk, chair and shelves
 Spending Totals for Renovations
Budget information:$1000
Total spent $470 with $530 remaining. 
Total spent $595 with $405 left,  Hopefully the majority of the rest will be spent on new furniture at IKEA.
No new spending this week. Just some painting going on. I don't like the pictures because of the faded appearance of the but is really is a pretty color combination!