Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Final

Ok so I "borrowed with no intention of returning" the name of today's post, but I like it!
I did make the trip to Harris Teeter on Wednesday, a friend called and asked me to go with her because of "super doubles". This means that instead of doubling 20 coupons per day up to $.99 they will double coupons up to $1.98. To prepare for this trip, I first printed out the item from Southern Savers
this ended up being about 10 items. I then looked through my coupons and pulled out ones that were over $.99 on items that I would use. I also added two items I needed anyway. My list ended up being 25 items, with my personal coupons I also wrote down how much off each items the coupon would be and what was the limit I would pay for this item. For example, International delight coffee creamer 1.50/1,if less than 2.25. This was the ideal thing for me! I was able to go to the store and know if I wanted to buy things or not. I did take my coupon book which was good because I ended up using 2 different coupons than I had pulled out. I bought only the items I had coupons for except for bread which was on a great sale. Harris Teeter is higher than Food Lion on most items so I will plan only going on "Super Doubles or Triples."
Total from Harris Teeter Spent $44.77 saved $60.45 with $57.00 being in coupons.

I made 2 trips to CVS this week. On the first trip I spent $2.97 and purchased 3 Diet Cokes, a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. The second trip spent $44.09 and saved $74.53. For both these trips I made sure I pulled list of things on sale that I wanted and had coupons for and used ECB. I did do 3 transactions on my second trip because I had a $5/20 and $5/30. I scanned my card when I entered the store and got a $4/20. This must be rang up before any coupons to work!.

Since this is my regular week for shopping I also went to Food Lion spent $42.17 and saved 17.32. I also went to Costco spent $165. So total for the month so far in groceries is $432.85. This is about $150 less than my average from last year and we will need diapers and more milk,bread before the end of the month but I am feeding 50 people for Zach's dedication so for now I am pleased!

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