Saturday, February 26, 2011

Normal Saturday

I am so excited after a normal busy week in which I worked 3 days, took Zach to Brenner's Children Hospital for follow up on Monday, and attended a rather long long continuing education class on Thursday, Saturday was free!

We made some changes on Thursday trying to improve the sleep patterns around here. We have now cleaned all the toys except Barbies out of Lily's room and moved Kendall bed in. Zach has the nursery all to him self. It worked beautifully Thursday night with everyone sleeping all night long. Last night (Friday) was not quite as good. Lily work up and needed to use the restroom and of course Kendall did too. Zach cried a couple of times before we went to bed and then again around 3 am. Tonight, Zach has been screaming for about 15 minutes. What does this have to do with Saturday... we are all really tired!

Deserez, Amanda's best friend, has been over since Thursday. She has been really sick the past couple of days and just wanted to be around people. Today is also her birthday, so while Amanda went to work , we took her and the little kids to Applebee's to celebrate.

So what else does a normal Saturday look like around here? Productive!! We have been able to go through the playroom and re-organize/ trash/ prepare to yard sale most of the toys, cleaned all the floors, cleaned up both the living room and kitchen. Figured out our available menus for the next couple of weeks and have some time just to relax! I am so excited!! Time to wii and watch tv!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Kid Facts

-Zach has completed yet another round of testing to find out why he is not gaining weight. We think he is allergic to eggs and has gained almost 4 lbs in the past month.
-Zach is starting to talk a lot with some recognizable words like Bite, balloon, Cat, Mom, Dad, he also knows the sign for more
-Kendall is still working on potty training. She is at one or less accidents a day but still doesn't get the concept of "poop in the potty."
-Kendall knows her first and last name and her parents names as well.
-Lily is still working hard on learning to read with less than 20 lessons left
-Lily get to start a mini cheer leading squad this week.
-Haley has started to want to drive alot more and may get her license before next school year.
-Haley wants to be a junior volunteer at the hospital and gather all the information needed by herself!!!!
-Amanda is planning to find a full time job for the summer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where does time go?

Today is Saturday, it has been a full 5 days since I posted anything on my blog. In the past, I have always had a good reason, look how busy I have been, but today I have none... it was a normal week around here. So maybe I will just do a list of the regular things that happened this week.
  • Worked a total of 28 hours with a full day off on Thursday.
  • Lily and Kendall had eye appointments on Thursday. Lily's weak eye is becoming stronger with patching. We have to kept patching probably another year. Kendall's eyes are half as bad as Lily's and both get new glasses.
  • Matt and I both have exercised at least 30 minutes the entire week.
  • The house is presentable not clean not dirty just managed.
  • Started moving the playroom around to get more room in it and finally move all toys out of our bedroom.
  • Matt, Lily and Haley went to church on Tuesday night
  • Superbowl party on Sunday
  • Ordered Haley's class ring on Wednesday night
So this is what normal is?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Normal

I honestly think that we are on the upside of being sick and things are slowly starting to get back to normal around here. But that brings to mind a question what is normal around here? Glad you asked here are the top ten things that I would consider "normal" for us....

1. Sunday Superbowl Party- We had some friends over last night to eat and watch the game. My BF and I even managed to Wii Fit during half time and the second half of the game.
2. Monday- I was scheduled to work both jobs today but ended up with a super long lunch break of 5 hours so Matt has gone to get the oil changed and something else with the car.
3.Zach is side stepping everywhere and has learned to turn off both the computer and printer. He thinks it is a game to reach toward the buttons
4. Lily cried at naptime today because she wanted to do more school work instead of taking a nap.
5. In the past hour I have answered the question "Is it time to get up at least 4 times."
6. We have at least 5 loads of laundry to do today in order for everyone to have clean clothes and towels.
7. The dishwasher has been run already once this morning with another load at least to be done before bedtime.
8. Kendall is sleeping in Haley's bed, or at least resting in Haley's bed because she like to mess with things in our room and or wake up Zach most day at nap time.
9. I have not given out any cold medicine all day long.
10. I am seriously considering a NAP!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Flu

UGH! This week has been so long and nasty. Here is a short bulletined recap.
  • Last Friday morning, Lily woke up with a fever and was crappy.
  • Last Saturday in the wee hours Kendall woke up with a fever also. We decided that I would stay home with them from Angel Food distribution so as not to spread our germs.
  • Saturday afternoon, Haley called wanting to come home because she felt so bad.
  • Sunday, Zach stayed with Pawpaw and Granny while Lily, Kendall and Haley went to the doctor's sick clinic
  • Kendall has the flu and Lily and Haley a virsus that is similar to the flu.
  • Haley is out of school Monday and Tuesday.
  • Lily is still not feeling great and doesn't get to go to Kids Club on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday is when Matt starting getting sick
  • Both Wednesday and Thursday evening I picked up dinner on the way home and Matt is in the bed by 7pm.
  • Yesterday (Friday) Matt starts to feel better but we are forced to miss small group.
We were able to head to Winston today but I am still giving out medicine on a regular basis, no one has a fever but everyone including Zach has a runny nose and/or cough. I am praying we all start to fell better/get back to normal this week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January in Review

Blogging- I sucked at this in January. I can blame my life on most but I need to make it more of a priority to get better.

Devotions- I did okay with this but definitely room for major improvement.

Couponing/ Grocery Budget: I have worked the hardest this month on couponing and stockpiling. I am starting to buy things just to stockpile. I ended up spending over 11oo on groceries in January however this included a huge stockpile of can sodas and all the extra junk food for our super bowl party. I also have focused on making sure I identify when I spend money on grocery items.

Financially- January was a good month in this area. A major happening was the "modification" of our mortgage which reduced the interest rate to 5.99% or 4 % and reduced our payment by almost $300. We are on track for February to be an awesome month in this area with a plan to pay taxes from last year, and begin the David Rasmey "Money Makeover" with a Emergency fund in place!

Weight-I have lost 4lbs overall. I hope this gets better!