Monday, February 1, 2010

Murphy Appears in Threes

The Murphy I am referring to in the title is in no way related to my sister in law! I am talking about Murphy's law that says things usually go wrong in set of three and always when you can't afford to fix all of them! Yesterday when Matt was checking on things under the house he discovered that our chest freezer had stopped working. After thinking back on this it was probably last Sunday when the motor actually died. This freezer is probably 25 or more years old. I had purchased it at a yard sale with Amanda and Haley's dad. I paid $20 for it 12 years ago and it was old at the time. Luckily, we only lost about $5 of meat (Angel Food popcorn chicken) but mostly it was vegetables and stews that I had frozen last summer. I was slowly using this food in anticipation that I would restock it this summer with things we grow from our first real garden. The bigger issues will be first of all emptying and physically moving the freezer to the dump, followed by replacing it. Most likely, we will keep an eye on both Matt's boards and craigslist to find an inexpensive chest or stand up freezer. I really like having the freezer but it is definitely not worth the expense of a new one! So now are you wondering what the other 2 broken things are in January? They both occurred on the same day. First the transmission in my van started acting up. Luckily, we used a transmission fix and that has solved the problem for at least the present but we are going to have to seriously ponder a decision on whether we have the transmission repair or replaced or we purchase a new vehicle for me to drive. Lastly our cable and phone connections messed up. They are currently working well :)

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