Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This post is difficult for me to write and is strictly to make myself accountable. I hope that if anyone reads it they can relate or even offer support.

Over the past several weeks in particular, we have been working on getting our budget and more importantly our spending under control. It seems that our checkbook is staying in the red. My first thought is that it is not really in the red because some of the money is "spent" only on paper. But in reality I know that that money has to be spent for what it says it is going too. We decided that when we got the unexpected refund from taxes, that money would go to get us back on track and if there was any extra it would go to finishing the room. We have also said that instead of putting every available penny into finishing the room we would first get the rest of our finances in order. This probably does not sound like a big deal but it would probably take a maximum of 5000 to finish and have inspected the new addition. At that point we could and will re-fiance the house with the addition and lower our overall debit and monthly payments. But with me not working, it is difficult to find even the extra 5000. So we see the end but also are at the point where several things need to be fixed, replace or simply bought for regular use!

Couponing is going a long way to stretch our budget and I really enjoy doing it but I am also trying not to "spend" money in order to save in the long run. This is difficult for me because I see several "awesome" deals and want to take advantage of them but in reality we don't have the cash to do that right now. It is difficult for me to realize this and to stick to...it is not in the budget it can wait. I am not talking about huge expenses but little 10 bucks here and there type things! So yesterday, I read this great deal of pictures, free 75 prints with shipping only to pay. So I decided that I would only do it if I have either the cash or paypal funds to do it. But it is a struggle for me. Grrrrrrrrrr!

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