Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I am still in my PJ at 3pm...

and very proud of myself today. I have accomplished alot, but I a sure from the outside looking in or even looking back, the accomplishments may be seriously doubted. But this blog will hopefully help me remember not only this day but why me being a SAHM was so important. Today I have
read 3 book(twice) feed 4 people lunch, completed 3 loads of laundry, swept the office and kitchen, tied shoes 4 times, encouraged climbing, posted to this blog three time and not one single time raised my voice!!!

Now on to the most important details. I did not spend preschool time with Lily today, she still insist that because she can see snow it is a snow day! But instead I spent 20 minutes at lunch "helping" Kendall eat her soup with a spoon. She needs minimal assistance to scoop and still spills about 50% of the food unassisted. Lily decided that she "needed" to learn to tie her shoe. I didn't think that explaining to a 4 year old that she does not have the fine motor dexterity to complete this task would be well received so instead we practiced tying several times. She has mastered steps 1-4 but needs to work on wrapping and pulling the final loops through. I would bet that in less than 3 weeks she has this skill mastered. Now on to the climbing, with Zach in his new car seat it is impossible to carry both him and Kendall and load in the car alone. This means that Kendall has to now walk to the van and climb up in her seat while I physically place Zach and belt him in! So this afternoon I opened the door and said climb up and in Kendall and she did! IT took several attempts for her to get up in the seat but man we were both so proud! We are also working on holding hands in the parking lot as well as door handles. Maybe I will be able to safely take out the three little ones alone in the future?? My final accomplishment for the day is to be in bed at 9:30.....I hope it happens!

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