Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I am so glad it is Monday, it was a long (insert crazy busy with no down time) weekend. Everyone is in school today and Matt left early for work. I decided to break the weekend into two separate post. I am going to work on this post first because it is the most fun!
For the past 4 or 5 years we have a fun tradition at our house for Super Bowl Sunday. I prepare and fix ALOT of junk food and allow the kids to eat it in front of the living room TV while watching the Super Bowl and/or the commercials. The reason we started this was because it was easier to have food here than trying to run one or both of the older girls to different parties to hang out with their friends. On Saturday, I thought it would be fun to invite the Pierces over to share in the fun. Haley decided not to go to the youth party since Andrea was coming and Lily and Isabella disappeared to Lily's room to play all night. I extended the "junk" food yesterday to use the 3lbs of hamburger that I had bought to make Taco Rice, Chimichangas and chili. The first two are from 30 Day Gourmet, they did not even get touched so I froze the Chimichangas and we will have the Taco Rice for dinner today with Salsa corn bread! For deserts we had Frozen Peanut Butter Bars from the same website and Haley made Chocolate Chip cookies. Chili is something everyone usually loves so I made it for either a chili, chips and cheese dinner or on hot dogs or as lunch! I fried some mozzarella cheese sticks and made Buffalo wings in 3 flavors, hot, mild and BBQ. Matt was most impressed with these because this is the first time I have made these for him! We had Taco Dip, cocktail weenies, Re-fried beans and Sausage Dip. Matt made some Pigs in a blankets and crescent rolls for the girls. Sounds like alot of food and it took most of the afternoon to fix and clean up afterwards but I am really glad to have several meals already prepared for the week. In addition both Matt and Amanda took leftovers for lunch today!
2 future post that I am going to try... first one about Saturday and Zach. IF I have time today I would also like to do a menu planning post/ look at the week ahead!

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