Monday, February 8, 2010

Zach's First Ear Infection/Crazy Saturday

So this is the second in my post from the weekend. Friday night was a BAD night in terms of sleep. I don't remember all the blurry details but I do know that Zach woke up around 3:30 and it was 5ish before we (see next sentence) got him to sleep. I was so tired that I asked Matt to get up with him at around 4ish but ended up having to get up to clean his nose. So at 7ish Matt got back up with him and then brought him back to me. He felt hot so I took his temperature it was 103.4. Of course I had to take him to the walk in clinic. Matt and Haley had practice for their play at 10am. Amanda was off being Amanda. So I called and asked if Papaw and Granny would watch Lily and Kendall while I took Zach. Of course all four of them had a great time! Zach has a double ear infection. So after I got home; dropped and picked up Zach's prescriptions and both the girls. I talked with Matt and decided that I would get the girls a nap and then head to Winston. I got both the girls in the car with snacks and picked up Haley from quiz practice. The trip was a success, we purchased Zach a new carseat and about 6 new outfits in 6-9 months. We also went to Costco for our bi-monthly shopping trip. By the time we got home, had dinner, baths and made a desert it was 9:40 time for bed!

I didn't post a Friday final last week but I am official done with grocery shopping this month according to my monthly budget. I probably will make a couple of small trip to CVS and if Harris Teeter has a special coupon event then I will head there as well. Otherwise I am planning to not spend any more on groceries this month. IF I am able to do this then I will be at my monthly average for last year!

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