Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week has been crazy and has also served as a reminder of why I CHOSE to stay at home. My last blog post was on Monday. On Tuesday, Lily and Kendall went to Tumble Tots and I spent the morning in Salisbury. I went to the Harris Teeter there. I am so glad I did. This store was awesome, clean and well stocked. Tuesday was the last day of Super Doubles but there were only two items I could not find. Spent 22.89 and saved $26.26 There is a rumor that a "Triples Week" is coming in the next month and if that is the case then I will be making one or more trips to that store. I also hit CVS where I purchased a container of Tide and a package of Tide Stain Release gel packs; total spent 9.84 saved 12.34. Finally I stopped at Food Lion to grab some more clearance baby food and some paper plates total spent 7.16 saved 18.22. Total saving for the morning $57 or 59 %. Zach and I met Matt for lunch and then went to Lowes to purchase tile for the bathroom. I also went online to buy the glass block. Home Depot had a deal that for spending a certain amount you received free shipping. After ordering the glass block tile I realized that I could pay 41 for shipping or I could spend $41 and get free shipping. Of course I spent :)

Yesterday I ended up working 6 hours with Lily going to Tumble Tots and then home with a friend. Zach and Kendall went to Nana Carol's. I was so tired!!

Today, Matt left at 5am for a meeting and I am trying to get the house straighten, laundry caught up and the girls prepared for Tomorrow. I will be leaving at 5:30am for a class in Raleigh. The class last from 8:30 till 5pm. It is a 2 hour drive. Matt will be at home with the kids. It will be the longest that I have been away from any of the younger kids. Even when I gave birth it was a maximum of 8 hours between times I saw the others. Lily is sick and already clinging. I am trying to prepare her I hope that helps! I am excited about the class because it is the one I need in order to become "handwriting certified." Hopefully I will learn alot!

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