Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love's Sweet Song

One of the reason that this week has been so busy for us is the preparation for the dinner theater presented at church last night. This is one of the two main fundraisers for the youth's trip to LIFE this summer. LIFE is a national youth conference occurring once every 3 years. It can only be attended by youth going into 9th grade to those just graduating from High School. Love's Sweet Song is the title of the play. Haley plays the main character and was on stage the entire performance. She has been working really hard to learn her lines and especially on slowing down and speaking clearly. Matt has a couple of lines but also enjoyed working on the set design and helping with make- up. Hopefully (depending on the weather) they will present this again tonight. A nursery was provided last night and Lily at the last minute decided to stay in the nursery "to play" instead of watching the play with me! Her statement was "I don't want to watch a dumb play." Below is the "time machine" designed by Matt, what you can't see is the "Bumper stickers" on the front!

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