Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day In the Life

I decided to do a version of this today. Not much going on in our world today but it is a perfect day of why it will appear that I accomplished nothing while I was a stay at home mom! Today is special because of the remaining snow on the ground, Haley is at home today again. So far this morning, I cooked breakfast of eggs, sausage and biscuits. I soaked several pans to try and get rid of gross curd in them and loaded the dishwasher. Haley has already emptied it. I did wake Haley up early (around 9am) because she was talking a little loud on her phone last night so I had to get up twice and tell her to be quiet! I have folded and put away 2 loads of laundry with the remaining 2 in the washer and dryer. Since we can't have home school because of the snow (ha ha) I pulled out the puzzles and both Lily and Kendall worked at the table on puzzles. Kendall is so cute she is doing a 8 piece inset puzzle and requires a lot of help but after getting the pieces back in she would clap and we all praised her. Kendall lasted with the puzzles for about 15 minutes. Lily had received a 50 piece TINY Tinkerbell puzzle that Haley and I helped her with. It took about 40 minutes to get this puzzle together. I was so impressed with Lily because she is beginning to be able to pick up pieces and place them alone! This puzzle was HARD! Zach has also been feed twice and changed and is currently asleep! Lily and Kendall are watching Seasame Street and playing tea party. I have also went to JCP and ordered new towels and washcloths for us. I spent $87 and saved $84. I am going to pay for these with the money I will get from working the past 2 weeks as well as this week and next week!
The rest of the day should include finishing the laundry, lunch naps, cleaning and straightening the Hall closet, as well as dinner!

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