Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend at Church

Seriously this has been one of the most fun and exciting but at the same time tiring weekends that we have had in a long long time. Here are the highlights:

Saturday 6:15am- Leave to pick up Angel food
7Am- Arrive back home for breakfast and to unload/put away our purchases. At this point, I realized I had purchased the wrong box and 2 of our fruit items were damaged.
8:30-Arrive at church for Angel Food distribution
10:00- Help with set up of Kid's Carnival- I was asked to be the administrative assistant. So I really enjoyed organizing and getting things together.
2:00pm-Kid's Carnival starts. The kids had an awesome time, the carnival included a bouncing house, a huge slide and about a dozen games that each gave a prize. My kids think it was a holiday, we are still enjoying eating candy and playing with the small toys from this event! My plan is to post some pictures for Wordless Wednesday!
4:00pm- I brought Lily, Kendall, Zach, Haley and 2 friends home. We had decided that our little ones could not make it through a concert. I managed to get everyone fed and bath prior to Matt getting home around 6.
6:30 Matt and I attend the Second Chance Bluegrass concert. Haley and her friend babysat so this was our date night.I really really really enjoyed it. And I will be the first to say I am not a fan of bluegrass

Sunday 9:30-Arrived at church for our open house. We had a Continental Breakfast and a time of meet and greet.
10:15- Worship service. Matt and I had preschool aged Children's Church today. The only down side was Haley performed with the Mime team and I missed it.
12:00pm- Lunch. Each church family brought a desert and then the meal was catered. It was really good. We are extremely blessed as we were offered and brought home enough of the leftovers to serve our family an entire meal and use some of the extra for several meals or portions of meal during this coming week. I can't say how awesome and helpful this is!
1:30pm- Dedication service
3:45-Arrived home to get ready for the week!

Wow we have been busy! But our church has a new home and it was exciting to be a part of this weekend!

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