Friday, August 19, 2011

How Time Flys

It has been a couple of weeks maybe even a month or so since I did a random list to catch everyone up on our life so now is the time.

-For the past week I have been working full-time plus between the two jobs. I am exhausted but we are not losing our minds so it must be getting easier on all of us.

-I am determined to keep a whole day off each week. I was unable to do that for the past 2 weeks and after yesterday, that will not happen again. I can handle the long hours if I know I get a day to spend with the kids.

-I managed to sprain/ jam my ring and little fingers on my left hand yesterday and they hurt especially trying to type.

-Lily is super excited about starting First Grade next week, on Tuesday we get to meet the teacher and Thursday is the first day of school. Both events will include me-YAY! YAY!

-Matt is starting to get heavily involved at the church again. Currently he is working on updating and managing the church website and working on building a pirate ship for our kids group. He played the drums this past Sunday. Along with Angel Food, he is actually doing more than I am currently!

-Haley and I took the little kids shopping alone on Thursday after hair cuts. Both Zach and Kendall feel asleep after less than 2 hours. We have finished most of the back to school stuff but need to make a "underwear" trip for a couple of folks who will remain nameless.

-Kendall is officially potty trained and only wears pull-ups at night. The majority of the time she even wakes up dry.

-Zach is starting to work on potty training. He is usually successful about 75% of the time. His birthday is coming up quick! He has such a little personality and makes sure we understand what he wants, even if it means taking a hand and showing us what it is.

-I am finding time to organize and display ALOT of my pictures of the kids over the year. Currently I am working on the large wall in our bedroom and then it will be on to the hall of shame.

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