Friday, August 26, 2011

$10 on Groceries this week

How? Did I hear you ask that? In one word consistency. I have been using coupons for over a year now and I have to say that sticking to it will let you have a $10 week every couple of months. Now on to a better explaination and the numbers.

CVS has not been having all that great of deals lately and I just have not been making it to the store on Sunday like I did before the summer. Because of this combination, I have been gathering rainchecks. Last week, I received another 10 off 50 and after scoping out the store realized I could cash in on some of the deals I missed. I made 2 seperate trips to CVS and spent around 25 each time. My reward was 12 ECB on Amanda's card. This week I noticed that we only had enough patches for Tuesday so I stopped by CVS. I had printed 2 coupons for Starburst 1 off 1 and heard the Red box was scanning an BOGO as well. My nice suprise was that the eye patches rang up BO get 50% off the second. This is the first time ever I have see the eye patches on sale. So I was able to purchase 4 boxes of patches, 2 bags of skittles and 2 packs of gum for $4.33 including tax. I should add that a box of patches usually cost $4.99 at CVS which is the cheapest we have found.

Thursday, we headed to Winston to get Zach pictures made. Harris Teeter is an easy stop when we are at the mall. During the last Super Doubles event I had made one pick up using the Express Lane. These coupons carry over so I had approximately $20.00 in coupon credit waiting. I was amazed to find that both the Milk and Apple Juice we needed were on sale. I purchased 2 gallons of milk and 6 gallons of Apple juice, 2 jars of Peanut Butter and a jar of Apple Butter for $3.23! I debated on the Peanutt butter but actually turned in 2 coupons which will carry to my next order.

CVS= 4.33
Harris Teeter= 3.23
Total spent on Groceries this week $7.56. This should help my grocery budget stay on track this month!

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