Sunday, August 21, 2011

Looking Forward to Change

Change is usually a bad word around here ask any of the kids and when we say that things are changing that usually results in a sense of panic and dread. But not this time at least not for me.

Summer is coming to an starts in 4 days, which means huge changes for Lily and the rest of us. I am excited and proud for Lily to start First grade but as her mother it does worry me about what if she is not social ready, what if she does not make friends in her class, what if she stands out as an awkward child that really just does not fit in. I don't regret going ahead with our "home school" Kindergarten last year, Lily was ready to read and learn math. I seriously doubt that either Zach or Kendall will be in the same place and in a way that is a relief. I have tried to buy book bags, lunchboxes and clothes that will help her fit in and now I will start to pray that she find/makes good friends quickly.

None of this sounds like good change so far but... I like routine, in fact it makes my life so much easier. Over the summer, we have been really slack with bedtime, bedtime routines and morning routines. With Lily and Haley starting back to school this will focus us to get into a routine which in reality will make my life easier. Currently, the plan is for me to drop off Haley first and then Lily. Matt will do the reverse for picking them up. We will have to get dinner, homework and bedtime down pat between cheerleading and Kid's club. So yes, it will be crazy busy but it will be a crazy busy that I like!

Other changes that I am really starting to enjoy, Haley understand that she is expected to do certain things and even if she disagrees, she usually does them. Haley is also beginning to realize the influence of music, words and actions on the younger kids. Matt and I have settled into a routine, as he is becoming more involved at church, he is also becoming more of a leader at home. Finances seem to be easier. Change a good thing at this point!

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