Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping Thursday

We needed to go to Costco to stock up on our monthly items for the pantry. I also had the entire day off so it was decided that we combined a needed trip with several other shopping things that would be beneficially for us all. We ended up at Hanes Mall first where we hit JCPenney's, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works and of course the Carousal. I did remember to print coupons for Old Navy so the best part of the day is that we saved at least 50% at each of our stops. We were able to grab Matt 5 shirts, me 3 shirts and 2 camis and Lily 4 shirts and a pair of leggings for less than $70 at Old Navy. I stocked up on foaming hand soap at Bath and Body Works while Lily got a free bottle of hand sanitizer. Our next stop was Harris Teeter for some rolls and coffee creamers. After Costco we headed home.

After putting the kids to bed I made a run to CVS, Walgreens and Food Lion. At the three stores I spent a total of 50 but was able to stock up on school supplies as well as finish buying Lily's school list. The only sore spot of the whole day was at Food Lion, where the cashier was bored and decided to read each word on my coupons. She proceeded to tell me that I was only allowed to use one coupon per transaction to which I replied "I guess you need to ring up 6 transactions. After a snort and call to the front manager who simply started scanning the coupons I left with one transaction and a savings of almost 70%.

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