Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Doubles

I just checked back to see what I had attempted to budget for groceries this month. My goal for August was $400 and the plan was to eat out of the freezer for the majority of the month. However, I have ran into a small snag in the plan. First, I failed to realize that I would need to stock up on school supplies for the year, and attempt to get them at the lowest possible price. Next we are having a surprise visit from Matt's brother in law this weekend. It will be awesome as we always enjoy them. But I wanted to purchase some extra food to make it a simple and special meal on Saturday. We decided on doing alot of finger foods/appetizers so that no matter what time they arrive it will be warm and ready to eat. They are travelling home from Disney so the timing is always a question. I checked the budget and so far I have spent around $380 and it is not even the middle of the month. But I was able to catch some great deals at Harris Teeter this week.

Super Doubles means that any coupon up to $1.98 will double up to $3.98 or the value of the item. Harris Teeter is also running some excellent sales on school foods/lunches. I picked up an order through the Express Lane yesterday after work and today Matt, myself and the little kids went to Salisbury. I have saved around 60% on the trips combined but in reality have stocked up on paper Towels, Lunchables ($1 each), chips, Capri Suns (which will be donated for our kids carnival), Chex mix and Bugles(both ended up being 0.44 a bag). I am pleased with what we were able to grab. I am hopeful that the rest of the month will be uneventful in the grocery area~!

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