Monday, August 15, 2011

Fast and Fun Weekend

We woke up to a rain storm on Saturday morning..wish that meant we could sleep in and enjoy the rain, but not around here. I spent most of the morning cleaning, Matt's brother and his family came by for a short visit on their way to Florida so I wanted to make sure we enjoyed the short amount of time we would have to visit. On Friday, our printer stopped working and I decided last minute that I wanted a 3 part crock pot so off to Walmart Matt and I went. Amanda and Haley watched the little ones for a bit so this was an adult only trip. Saturday afternoon while I prepared food, Zach, Kendall and Matt attended a birthday party. Saturday evening Haley spent the night with the Pierces to watch a movie and hang out. We really enjoyed the vist from Matt's family and my kids think there was a special event on Saturday because we ended up with 2 bags of toys, one from the Pierce's and one from the Abbotts. All three of the little kids are still playing with new toys it is awesome to watch them share and play.

Sunday was another busy day, church, lunch, pool, dinner, playing outside and then home to bed.

Today is Monday, I worked. The girls are gone to Cheerleading and Zach is asleep. The rest of the week should be just as fun. Tuesday, Haley is off to Carowinds and Lily has a friend over to play. Wednesday tutoring and house cleaning, Thursday is Angel Food and hair cuts. And with just one week left to school starts we have to get clothes and our selves ready.

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