Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Randon Thoughts Tuesday

I actually remember to do this on Tuesday!

I realized on my trip to Harris Teeter last Wednesday that I have not been reporting/giving credit to myself for the actual amount saved. I have not been including my "VIC" saving in my total.

On Sunday, Matt, myself and the 3 little kids made a second trip to HT this week. I spent $55 saved $124 or 69%. This was a great trip considering we ended up with 5 cases of drinks for Matt's lunch. I am debating a third trip today but it probably will not happen.

We also went to CVS on Sunday. There were already out of the Body wash that would have made this an awesome trip and I forgot my free coupon for "Little swimmers." So I will most likely make a trip to another CVS this week to take advantage of the money maker. I did get a raincheck for the body wash but I will be able to do this deal twice if I can find the items in stock.

I have totally shot the grocery budget for this month, my excuse is that I bought all the food for Amanda's shower. So to try and at least use some of this food for us I have spent the better part of the last 2 days steaming, and freezing things such as broccoli and carrots. I will also be freezing the celery to use in soups this winter. Today, I am trying a new recipe that involved using alot of veggies that I had already decided I need to use up! I hope it turns out well because I ended up using 6 chicken breast in it as well. I have made 2 dozen muffins and need to freeze half of these and then make a batch of banana bread to use the rest of the 9lbs of bananas I bought at half price last week. I hope to finish all this up today and make some baby food for Zach to eat. Yesterday he ate no "bought" baby food which was awesome. If I do nothing but save on the purchase of baby food that should get me back on track for June with the budget. I did come in 150 less than the average in April so if I can do the same in June, I will break even.

My garden is growing awesomely. I notice this morning that the jalapeno pepper is blooming. I have now transplanted everything and each square has something growing in it! I will try and get a picture to post soon.

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