Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Menu Post 5/17

So last week we threw out the menu plan on Thursday and actually ordered Pizza on Friday because that is what we wanted. But at least we were able to spend $20 and feed us all with enough left for breakfast for Matt, Haley and I on Saturday. This week is going to be difficulty as we have something scheduled every afternoon except on Monday. The idea this week is convenience. I am hoping to do the Crockpot Lasagna on Wednesday and put one back in the freezer but it will depend on how long I spend at Super Doubles. But you will notice I have a back up plan just in case or I can always switch my Friday and Wednesday. Flexibility is good this week.

Monday- Country Fried Steak, vegetable and pumpkin pie (Angel Food)
Tuesday- Left-overs from our Mexican dinner party :)
Wednesday - Crockpot Lasagna or Frozen Pizza
Thursday- Seafood night- steamed crab legs /fried shrimp
Friday- Shake n bake Porkchops

This should work, next week I hope to use some of the food I purchase at Harris Teeter!

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