Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Menu Post 5/24

I did okay sticking to the Menu plan last week. We ended up with Pork Chops on Wednesday and eating out on Friday. That makes a total of 3 times eating out last week. The kids and I had lunch out on Thursday, Matt, myself and the babies ate out on Friday and again on Sunday after church. Friday night was a necessity as it was 6:30pm and everyone was starved so. This week I hope to do better and stay on track. I will be posting about all my shopping this weekend later but I wanted to make myself start to plan first.

Monday- Matt has a dinner meeting and I have ALOT of food to prepare so that it does not go bad so it will be sandwiches or pick a meal for everyone at home.
Tuesday- Steaks on the grill... pasta salad and fruit
Wednesday- Crockpot Lasagna with a batch to freeze for the summer
Thursday- Chicken ??? not sure how or why, may try a new recipe or just make a chicken pie or fried chicken

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