Sunday, May 16, 2010

A "Normal" Weekend

For the past several years (since prior to Lily's birth) it seems that every weekend during the school year is filled with activities and places/events we need to attend. In addition to that for the past 3 years we have been working on the addition with any and all of our spare time especially on the weekend. But this weekend feels different and I am working if this is what a "normal" weekend is suppose to be.

On Saturday we had Angel Food distribution which meant that Matt was at the church at 6am and I arrived about 7:45am. We have had to move the distribution times forward and it seems like we almost had an extra day as a result. Matt ended up on call this weekend and had to make a trip out after the distribution but that was ok. I was able to come home and make a quick trip to CVS while the little kids napped. Saturday evening after Matt got a short nap we decided to work in the addition. He was able to put up modeling and baseboards to finish out the bathroom closet. So I started moving items and organizing some things as well as cleaning out more junk that needed new home. We ended up at supper time and I spent a couple of hours watching TV.

Today, Sunday, we had church this am. My mom fixed lunch this week so we ate lunch with my whole family today which is a nice treat about once a month! Matt and I decided to invite some friends over for dinner before the variety show at church tonight. We had a Mexican feat that will provide leftovers on Tuesday evening for dinner. I stopped at Aldi and CVS to do my weekend shopping. Matt stayed home and did the last minute cleaning :). Dinner and the variety show were fun! Now tonight I am blogging and working on coupons which I enjoy. The best thing is that I am tired but not exhausted as I usually feel on Sunday night and I "think" I had a weekend! So is this a normal weekend?

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