Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Drive

2 girls, one blond and one brunette,in a Jeep Hurricane,top down,wind blowing thur their hair, sunglasses on with songs blaring from the radio like "You give Love a Bad Name" and "Hotel California." Sounds like a scene from a movie or at least a really good dream Right?

This is the scene from our movie/life this afternoon. It was complete with lines like "Turn the radio off Kendall so I can FOCUS on the Tom Tom." "I am going North." and " I can't hear the Tom because the music is so loud." Matt and I were in stitches just listening. Today it was 60 and sunny most of the afternoon.

We have returned to our normal NC weather here is a picture from Wednesday:

Haley was out of school because of the snow and she and Lily made this snowman!

Unfortunately, the germs have also returned to NC with full force. Lily has started running a fever again. She and I both have definitely had some form of a stomach virus this weekend. Zach is miserable in every position but being held by me and Kendall's has a green runny nose and blew out a diaper while I ran to CVS today. Matt and I are trying to come up with a plan to get all three back to the Doctor tomorrow to try and get something to make any and all feel better!

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