Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Haley

So today is Haley's 15th birthday. I have been debating on what to include in this blog today. I had debated on just making this a post about how awesome and special Haley is to me right now or doing a post about her "birth" day. I decided to post the later because as each year passes I am sure I forget some of the important details that one day Haley will want to know.

So Haley was born on a Tuesday. I was employed with Health Focus and at that time, it was a perfect job for a working mother and especially one that was pregnant. I actually started this job on the day I found out I was pregnant. I took a test in the bathroom of one of the facilities I worked at because my bf bought it on our lunch. You were paid for full time as long as you were able to cover all the patients at the 3 facilities I covered. So I just didn't feel great that morning and decided to hang out at home until after Amanda's nap. I only had 2 patients to see that day. I was laying in the bed watching "All My Children." My plan was to drop Amanda off at daycare and go to work at 2ish. But Haley of course had different plans. My water broke during the show. It was not the gush you hear about. I called my mom and she insisted that I go to the doctor. In fact I called and she and Dad met me there.

Amanda and Pawpaw went to go find Destry because even though I had already called and asked that he met me at the hospital we didn't think, he would get the message. Of course we were correct and Pawpaw drove in behind his cement truck just as he was going out on another run.

I was admitted to the hospital and IMMEDIATELY wanted pain medicine. Unfortunately the meds slow and almost stopped my labor. The meds began to wear off at 5 pm and Haley was born just before 6pm. After Destry arrived I sent my mom and dad home with Amanda and Destry's mom home as well. It was during this delivery that I realize I like to be left alone.

After Haley was born, Amanda arrived back at the hospital within half an hour to see her new sister. We had done a good job preparing Amanda that I would have to stay in the hospital but we forgot to tell her the baby would too. The nurses were awesome and took a polarid picture which Amanda took home and carried with her for the next 3 days to show anyone what her new sister looked like. I still have the picture and you can see the finger prints from where it was carried around. This was also the beginning of a tradition that has continued with all 5 kids. Haley brought Amanda a purse with crayons in it!

Haley is super excited today because she got the call last night that she starts the driving part of Driver's ed today. She was awake before 6am to start celebrating. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a couple of pictures.

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