Monday, March 1, 2010

February In Review

So it is that time again, a new here is how I did last month with the goals I have set for the year.

Budgeting- Our grocery budget was over by 263 but I feel that we are finally able to monitor and buy most items only on good or stockpile prices. I have been able to start my stockpile. In other areas because of tax refunds we have caught up with our bills. I am still going to work hard at paying off the extra medical bills we have from the past 2 years aka 2 babies. But for the present, we are in our best financial situation in two years. We have a guy coming to tile the new bathroom this week paid in cash. Now we have to purchase a water heater, door, and sink prior to having it inspected and attempting to refinance. In other budget news, we purchased a chest freezer for $50 yesterday :).

Preschool- We had about 10 days of snow this month with the girls home from school or as Lily said too cold and yucky. I did manage to squeeze in 3 formal days of preschool and have started working on letter sounds with Lily all through out the day. So not really a good month on this front but I did order a new lower case letter book for her and we will hopefully get back on track this month!

Reading- This was a really really bad month. I am going to try and make this more of a part of my nightly routine. This is definitely my weakest area this month and needs the most improvement.

Blogging- I had 14 post in February. So not bad...

Encouragement WELCOME!!!

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