Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning for March 1st

I have figured out that by writing things down they are more likely to get done :0) so I am going to attempt to keep more of my daily life information on my blog! Menu planning is something I do alot in my head but I either forget or get sidetracked so I think that by doing it here I am be more likely to stick to it. I do realize that if I do a menu plan then I am less likely to eat out or be tempted to grab something to eat here. Both of these are really expensive for feeding the 6 of us right now. Matt and I have agreed to try and limit lunches to one out a week and one meal out a week as a family. This way we can enjoying going out to eat and it still remains a "treat" instead of expected. Also I will try and comment to remember if we liked this and if it should go in the "fix again stack."

Monday - Sausage Apple Skillet Menu (New) Using all Angel Food (update both girls at the doctors so we ate out)
Tuesday -Chicken Cacciatore Costco Home Cooking p139
Wednesday - Chicken Pie (trying different crust)
Thursday - T- bone steaks- Angel Food
Friday - Mexican night- Taco rice, dip ???? depending on what I decided

I am not going to plan for Saturday and Sunday as these days we eat differently and I usually have one "meal" and the other two are snacks or convenience foods. This is also the most likely time we will go out to eat. Sunday is also the day that we eat at Granny and Papaw's.

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