Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Planning for March 8th

Last week worked out well except for Monday when we ate out because of the trip to the doctor. So we ended up not have the Chicken Cacciatore. I have moved it to this week although Matt keeps insisting that his was better but he does not know how he made it. One of the blogs I follow Couponing to Disney has a challenge this month to not eat out! I am going to try this because we had decided to try and cut back on eating out so get out spending under control. Weekend are always the hardest because I hate cooking 3 meals a day, much less the clean up but this weekend we did it :)! Next weekend should be easy as well, because they are having a dinner after church! Now on to the plan

Monday Stuffed Green Peppers
Tuesday Chicken Cacciatore
Wednesday: Pork Chops (Angel Food) plan to try a sweet potatoe pie recipe as well and make some form of Carrots to use up those as well.
Thursday: Shrimp Scampi (Bagged meal on sale)
Friday: Mexican night of some form? Not quite sure yet!
Saturday night: Youth Progressive dinner (Baked Ziti)

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