Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Thoughts and Friday Final combined

So it is Friday but it has been a slow week as far as great deals but I wanted to make sure I blogged today since this weekend is going to be busy! I was so hoping for Harris Teeter triples this week, which has been rumored for March but no such luck! So I had to go out yesterday for diapers for Kendall and baby food. I was able to get a good deal on diapers at Walgreens but not the 2.19, I was hoping for. I hit Food Lion for the baby food and also for a couple of items I needed for the Baked ziti and garlic bread for the youth progressive dinner. The good news is that I still have around 200 left in the grocery budget for the month. This is a first but I also realize that I will probably spend that and more next week at Costco. They have both diapers and wipes on sale!

Last night we made a trip to Lowes to return some extras we had from the tile. We were able to return and purchase the same amount :). The plan is to work in the bathroom this weekend and get it ready for inspection. At this point we are probably around 1000 from inspection! I can't wait for this so we can begin the re-financing and finally get started on the Dave Ramsey plan!

Today, my plan is to clean the living room and kitchen and also get the Baked Ziti in the fridge for tomorrow. I am going to try something new and start my cleaning out there and see if that will work! All the kids are feeling better at least they are acting better. Lily has decided that ice cream is her favorite food and she insisted that I check my pictures this morning to find a picture of her eating ice cream as a baby. Of course I could not find one but she is okay now. Kendall learned to call Cocoa the cat yesterday and it is now her favorite thing to do!

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