Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to the Doctor's

On Sunday, I decided that Lily and probably Zach needed to go back to the doctor's. After being on antibiotics for a week, Lily had a fever and Zach was shaking his head. The big question was rather Kendall should be seen at the same time. Sunday night was the confirmation that a trip to the doctor was needed. I have been told before that with 3 kids in order to have them all seen at the same time I needed 2 adults present. Not a big deal, Matt took off the morning to help with the sick kiddos. So we dropped Haley off at school and headed straight to Salisbury. It was close to 8:30 when we arrived for the walk in clinic. Things got a little wild when, one of the CMAs asked how I wanted to split up the kids. I did ask if they could be seen together but of course the answer was NO. GRRRR, I am frustrated but decided to send Kendall with Matt since she was the "least" sick. Lily's ears were still infected, Zach had one ear that was still infected. Kendall comes out with Matt and now has a double ear infection and needs breathing treatments 3-4 times a day. WOW now I am so glad we took Kendall, she technically is the sickest even tho Matt forgot/didnt ask for the official diagnosis!
Yesterday was a long day but I *think* the meds are working because everyone feels so much better this morning!
Lily new glasses came in as well! So we went and picked them up...

She looks so much older with them!

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