Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Menu Post 6/14

Last week, we did really well sticking to the menu plan except for Friday, when I made sweet meatballs for dinner. This week will be an unusual one for us. Basically, I am trying to use up alot of things out of the freezer. Angel Food is distributed on Saturday and we are planning on the "summer trip" to Costco. I was hoping for another week of Harris Teeter triples or super doubles but since that didn't happen, I need to restock alot of stuff. Everyone is home for the summer which means 3 meals a day for all 7 of us. In addition, I am planning on going to the pool at least a couple of times a week, which means we need snacks and drinks.

Monday- Salisbury steak (already frozen) potatoes and fruit.
Tuesday- Chicken fried rice and Egg Rolls
Wednesday- Baked ziti and garlic bread
Thursday- Steaks on the grill
Friday-Fish sandwiches and French fries

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