Wednesday, June 2, 2010


When I started to blog one of the things that I did not think I would ever have trouble doing was blogging honestly and out there. But over the past several months, I have struggled with this issue several times. One of my struggles has been regarding Amanda and my new grandson that is due to arrive in the very near future, I am staying with my decision not to discuss her on the blog at this time, really it is for her protection and mine as well. But the other area that has been a struggle is our financial situation. I am always excited to blog about the "deals" I find and do so without a thought in the world. I have also blogged about the emergencies that have arouse in the past month as well as a general idea of how I am doing with my goals. But I have been somewhat careful not to include numbers in some areas. But today, if you care to read I am going to be really open and honest and thankful to GOD!

3 years and 3 months ago, we decided to "build an addition" to the house. Our original goal was to do so debt free but then it was to do so with as little debt as possible. Currently besides our regular mortgage we have a total of $13000 in a personnel loan and credit card debt toward the addition. At the beginning of the year even, as we were quickly approaching the end of the project we decided NO MORE DEBT. We were going to finish it with what we could scrape out of our budget and then refinance hopefully with a lower interest rate to buy some of our wants to make it what we dreamed. We were so close and I had actually figured we could finish the bare minimums required for the inspection and certificate of occupancy by June. That was before Matt's income took a nose dive and we ended up with a $1400 transmission repair. All that was needed was the hot water heater.

This past Sunday during out time of praise and prayer request for Sunday school, God worked a miracle. I shared briefly about all the things that seem to be going wrong at our house the past couple of weeks; transmission, Amanda's car, my tickets, State Income tax return still being messed up and missing. After sharing, we were asked if some could gather around and pray for our family, OF COURSE. But God was not finished, following this several people asked some questions and then God provided us with enough cash money to buy the water heater and the other supplies we didn't know we needed to finish up the task. Yesterday, I was able to get my van legal again with the inspection and tag. Today, we got the final inspection and certificate of occupancy for the addition! I will start the process to refinance this week which should allow us to start attack our debt and be the majority of the way out of debt by the end of the year!!!

The only thing left to say is GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

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