Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Update

This is the entire garden

I am so excited this year to attempt a small garden. We agreed to try this and increase it next year if it worked. I am spending about 15 minutes a day with the watering and weeding. I have already decided that I need to start my seeds in February next year so they will produce sooner. Currently, the plans are for 2 additional boxes. This will allow me to be able to grow more and buy less next summer with less than 30 minutes a day spent on the garden.

A squash!!! The first of our cucumbers!

I am hoping that the cucumbers will produce all summer with 4-5 for us to pick a week. Last year we were able to pick one a week. I have 2 separate plants, one in front of the box and one growing up the back. The squash plant is huge but I only have 1 so it will definitely be tripled or more next year. I would love to pick at least 4-5 squash a week.

A green bean.

I now realize that we will barely get enough this year especially of the green beans to use of maybe a meal but at least I know I can grow them..

This is a banana pepper. Matt spotted it first and he is excited to see how they taste. Pepper will definitely be increased next year as well. I am sad to say that I doubt we will be harvesting any green peppers. I had planted 4 different stalks in the garden and I am down to 2 growing and they are small and growing slowly.

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