Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thirteen Dollars at CVS

Since Thanksgiving, CVS has really had some slim pickens for sales, there have weeks that I have not even gone to CVS for the sale but instead a need.  But this week was one of the best I have seen in a long time. This is an excellent example of rolling ECBs to cut down on expenses.

This is actually 2 trips to CVS as the first store did not have enough of the deodorant for me to purchase so we headed to the CVS in Winston-Salem since we were headed that way anyway. I spent $12, saved $53.27 and ended up with 4ECBs and a total of 81% savings. These are all items that we will use infact both the Dawn and the Deodrant were on my list to purchase this week.  I started these with no ECB nor gift cards so these can be duplicated except for the mouthwash!

Transaction 1- Canbury Easter Egg 0.87 on sale, total was $0.93 and received 1 ECB.

Transaction 2- (2) bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent with Hand Renewal, used 2- 0.50 off coupons from PG 1/1, and ECB from Transaction #1.  My total was 0.02! Even better the nice cashier looks down and goes I have 0.02 that someone left, so they were entirely free!  I did include 0.02 for totals on this post just so you can't complain!

Second Store
Transaction 3- (2) Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouthwash  clearance priced $2.74 Total was 5.85, received 6 ECB back

Transaction 4-MY FAVORITE!  (2) Irish Spring Body Washes $2.49 each, (4) sticks of Men Speed Stick,  $1.99 each (2) 24 bottle case of CVS water 2.22 each
                       Used (2) 1.00 off Body Wash
                                (2) BOGO Coupons for the Speed Stick each rang up at $3.99
                                  6 ECB from Transaction 3
                        Paid $1.32 earned 6 ECB

Transaction 5  (3) 12 packs of Pespi products 3/10.00
                         Used 6ECB from Transaction 4
                           Paid 4.68 or $1.56 each or 0.13 a can
                          Earned 4 ECB

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