Sunday, February 26, 2012

Consignment Sale Shopping

This is something that is definitely  not new for me. In fact, Haley wore only consignment sale finds for several years. However, it seems that in the last several years, I have not been able to consistently find these sales especially that offer good quality clothes.  The other issue has been driving to a particular sale, I often don't remember when the sales occur and forget to schedule the time to get to the sale before everything is gone. The good news is that this changed this weekend.

Lily had her first cheerleading competition on Saturday in Concord (lots of pictures this week). As I was searching for additional information, I discovered that there would be a consignment sale going on in an adjacent building.  Lily squad met 2 hours prior to competition time so after dropping her off, we head to the sale.  I had gone through Zach clothes so I knew he needed shirts. I decided to start with his size first. I was able to find  1 complete outfit, 4 play shirts, 2 Polo's for church or just to wear and 2 dress shirts for him.  They also had a HUGE selection of shoes. I found a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sandals for him that both appear new.  Next I headed over to Lily's size to check out what might catch my attention. Kendall found a bathing suit so she ended up with that. For Lily, we found 2 outfits, 3 shirts and a bathing suit. Saturday was 50% off day. This sale was awesome, in fact, I am planning to return next year even if the competition is not the same day. I was able to find everything and check out in less than an hour!  I am even more excited when I came home and discovered that Zach now has 10 pair of shorts and 10 shirts for the summer. I will continue to look at yard sales for cute T-shirts but even if I don't purchase anything else he has enough clothes for the summer!

My total was $63.75
Items purchased included: 2 pair of shoes, 2 bathing suits, 3 outfits, and 10 shirts, or $3.18 per piece!

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