Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I strongly dislike Walmart


Several month ago, I had a rain check. So I went into the customer service desk and ask if they would except it. I knew this would be a process so I even allowed an extra half hour for this. After checking with multiple people the answer YES..we will except it and No you can keep it, it is not a coupon. So I have happily used several different rain checks multiple times with little to no problem until Saturday night. A friend called on Saturday to let me know that you could get FREE body wash as Dollar General. Of course, I checked it out and they were out of stock. No big deal, I was going to Walmart anyway to get Diet Coke with my 0.69 rain check. They priced matched the body wash on my word but the rain check was a different story. After speaking with 3 separate managers and asking (politely) to see the policy in writing 3 times and being shown a policy totally unrelated to rain checks, they agree to give me the price on the rain check but in the process, they did take my rain check to use as part of their coupon count. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, luckily the cashier was so nice and she didn't mind the wait so at least that was pleasant. But after all was said and done...

I spent $3.97 for 5 2L Diet Cokes, and 2 bottles of Nivea Body wash. I am really pleased but can they just decide something and let me enjoy couponing?

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