Friday, September 16, 2011

The Great Clothes Swap

That is what Matt and I managed to do today in little over 2 hours. The temperature has taken a giant nose dive from 88 to 58 as highs. I knew that we needed to go through all the little kids clothes and decided what needed to be purchased for this season, in fact it was on my to do list in the next 2 or 3 weeks. However with the temperature change even if only for a couple of days and the fact Lily had to try on 3 shirts this morning, it became more important.
I am actually really blessed after all is said and done. Between clearance and awesome yard sale finds that I always store and gifts/hand me downs from several friends we actually have a very short "needs" list. Zach is currently wearing 18 month shirts and pants, I did find a couple of 24 month outfits that will also fit just fine. My plan is to buy 24 months for him. He needs pjs, socks, a new winter coat and a couple of shirts. Kendall, currently wears size 3T, I know she will move into 4Ts before the winter is finished but I also know we have enough of those that she should not need anything besides pajamas for this winter. Lily she is currently in a size 6 shirt which may be a 5 depending on sleeve length and size 5-6 pants with adjustable waist. If it does not have an adjustable waist, she can't wear it. Lily needs pjs, socks and a 4-5 long sleeves shirts.

I am so glad to have this behind me. It is more of a headache than anything else so to say I am finished makes this weekend half as stressful for me!

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