Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Thought Tuesday

The street out front of the house was a solid sheet of ice until around 2pm today so I was forced to call my scheduled patients and cancel for today. I have therefore been in my pjs all day and plan to change tonight after a long hot bath.

The most repeated phase in my house today "stop screaming" and this is usually to Zach. Why am I so lucky to be blessed with 2 children that like to scream?

Lily is learning so much everyday. Today we talked about measuring and telling time. I love the idea of homeschooling but simply know I am not qualified and could not possible do it.

The girls including D took lots of pictures outside today so hopefully I will have some neat ones to post tommorow.

Matt and I are both continuing to use the Wii Fit everyday. We hope that we both can lose some weight by our trip to Disney. With the ice, the older girl have been using it as well and both Lily and Kendall stand beside a girl and exercise along with them! It is way to cute.

Zach goes to Brenner's Children Hospital on Thursday to see a Gastrointesinalologist. I hope this will give us answers as to why he is not gaining weight and also to how long he needs the soy formula.

A diet is hard to maintain in a house of people who want to eat all the time and when you have lots of time to cook.

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