Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Harris Teeter Trip

It has been a long, busy, emotionally draining week around here. My plan/intention is to write several blog post this weekend about all the happening with Zach and a month in review. But to the good stuff... last night Matt and I both were exhausted and craving something sweet. Our solution..DONUTS! Because the little kids were already tired and close to bedtime we decide to get everyone in pjs and head to Salisbury for donuts.

Of course, I thought we are 5 minutes from Harris Teeter so I wanted to make a quick trip. I have not even looked at the list on Southern Savers but as Matt got Z and Kendall dressed, I took a quick look, printed and clipped a coupon of coupons. I honestly spent less than 5 minutes doing this! I had a raincheck from several weeks ago for 11 boxes of Poptarts for $10. That was the start. I also grabbed a 24 pack of water, 2000 flushes, cottage cheese, sour cream and some creamer for Matt. Total spent $17 total saved $28 or 63%. I am extremely happy with this for two reasons, first the Poptarts were HT brand so no coupons and second I did not have a coupon for creamer either! This is proof that if you are organized, couponing does not have to take over your life!

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