Thursday, January 20, 2011

Couponing Facts

I made a quick trip to CVS today and was able to score another 6-12 packs of drinks for $1.66 each. I am excited because I know that we now have enough drinks for our Disney trip. I hope at least. I am going to try and make one more stop at CVS to pick up 6 more on Amanda's card this weekend but I don't think we have the storage space for them. I was so excited to try and write this post tonight. I was able to purchase 6 12 pks of Soda, 4 boxes of Bandaids, 1 bottle of Maalox liquid and 1 bottle of Maalox pills and 2 candy bars for $26. I entered it into my saving tracker and realized it was only a 62% saving. So it was just average but the idea that we are stocked up on drinks still makes me happy and so did the half of Snickers bar I enjoyed. Over the past few weeks I have been getting back into couponing. It was a struggle after I returned to work and through the Holidays. But I have made some changes to my plans and hopefully they will work even better in the future. Here are 5 things I have learned changed about couponing this month.

1. I am planning to buy one newspaper for each insert it contains. So last week there were 2 inserts and I bought 1 paper and will get the second one from my mom.

2. After reading about the upcoming sales at CVS, always make sure to check the comments. I was able to purchase 4 bottles of Maalox for tax over the past two weeks because of something someone posted. I have also decided that if a coupon that I need at CVS covers the cost of an additional paper and I will be able to use the coupon that week. Purchasing additional papers makes sense.

3. Stockpiling is much easier when you have the storage space and it is sorta organized.

4. Never leave the store without checking price of items that you get store coupons for. I was able to make eleven cent each on the candy bars I got today. I had received a coupon for $1 off a candy bar and did not realize the "regular" price of most of the candy bars were 0.89.

5. Checking frequently for items you have rainchecks for means you can still use most of the coupons you have pulled!

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