Monday, January 10, 2011

Game Day

I often think of couponing as a game. First you prepare/practice which includes buying papers, sorting coupons, finding list, cutting coupons and then finally planning when to go to the store. Sounds like a lot but in reality, I spend about 10 minutes a day on a regular basis but some days none at all. So now on to game day... This past Sunday. Harris Teeter started super doubles on Wednesday and CVS has an awesome sale this week. I decided that I would hit both stores on Sunday. What I forgot to plan on was the impeding snow that sent everyone to the store on Sunday.

CVS was the place where I stocked up on canned Drinks and coffee as well as diapers. I usually do a couple or at the most 3 transactions this week I did 7. I did have to go to the car after 3 to unload my buggy. I spent $55 and save $102 or 69%. This is the most I have spent at one time but for all that I got and simply because 4 bags of coffee at $9, diapers and drinks I am really happy. In fact, I may return on Wednesday or Thursday to buy more drinks.

Next on to Harris Teeter, this was a little more complicated because of they way they force you to use coupons on Buy One Get One Free items. The items ring up half price but they only let you use a coupon on one of the two items. My solution, I had Matt do a transaction in front of me. We used the same VIC card and only 20 coupons. I was upset that the 11 boxes of pop tarts for 10 was not available but I did get a rain check. We ended up spending $43 and saving $102 or 70%.

We are really focusing on budget the first few month this year. I hope that even with stockpiling on these items I am able to cut some out of the groceries this month!

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