Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project List

Today, starts a 4 day weekend for me! I am so excited what is even better, of the 4 days I have 1 entire day with no plans and the other all involve less than half a day!  I am going to share my project list today for the things I hope to accomplish over this weekend. As I complete each project, my plan is to take pictures if appropriate or write a summary of the project for the blog.
  1. Mulch the playground and Matt is planning to hook up a water system for the square foot garden.  I was able to plant the entire garden last Friday and everything is alive and growing today. We purchased 12 bags of rubber mulch for the playground. Between Matt and myself we have been able to apply mulch everywhere else but the playground. This will get us about half way finished with rubber mulching for the playground. We have also been searching for someone to work on our septic system!
  2. Matt will be picking up 80# of chicken on Friday morning. Prior to it's arrival, my goal is to sort, organize and label all the items in 3 freezers. I will then put together a list of needs for the stockpile. We will begin receiving veggies in mid April from the co-op so I am hoping that this will allow us to drastically reduce our grocery spending for the next 6 months!
  3. Along with the chicken, I would like to cook and freeze a batch of beans for some summer soups such as Taco soup.  I also need to get a batch of chicken cooked and deboned for us in things such as chicken pies.
  4. Finish/ catch up several 10 minute a day projects including: Coupons, Quizzing, budgeting and sorting/organizing the computer files.
  5. LAUGH, SING, DANCE or HOLD 3 very cute children as much as possible! This week along we have had 3 Easter Egg hunt and a school party. Pictures should be up soon.

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