Thursday, April 12, 2012

Convenient and Cheap

We have been working on re-stocking our freezers over the past 2 months. One thing that I realized is even if we have tons of foods, at least once if not several times a week, we need something that is easy to fix and doesn't require a full day of planning.
This afternoon, I was able to add 7 meals to the freezers, the total time spent was around 3 hours. Last Saturday, at Costco we purchased 6# of ground beef. It has been sitting waiting patiently for me all week. I made 2 cheeseburger pies, 2 meatloaf and 2 packages of Salisbury steaks from this pack. Any of these meals can be taken out of the freezer and completely prepared in 2 hours or less. Next, I decided to tack the Rotisserie Chicken from Costco as well. Kendall and I had both enjoyed  it as our lunch on Saturday.  I was able to remove enough chicken from the bones to make dinner for tomorrow night, which will be chicken and broccoli. I used broccoli that was frozen and even found the Velveeta cheese in the bottom of the refrigerator.   To end the day, I made Easter Egg Salad, the secret ingredient to this is the Lazy day pickles that we made last year. Hopefully, these convenient meals will make life run smoother around here for the next couple of weeks.

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